The Guerrilla Girls are still refusing to behave

Since 1985, the Guerrilla Girls have been ‘creatively complaining’ about discrimination in the art world. The all-female group are notoriously devious, assuming the identities of dead female icons such as Gertrude Stein and Frida Kahlo, while donning their iconic gorilla masks. For the art activists, anonymity is key, as it keeps the focus on their … Continue reading The Guerrilla Girls are still refusing to behave

A Review of ‘Queer British Art’

For the first time ever, Tate Britain is dedicating an entire exhibition to queer British art. The artworks fall between two significant historical moments: 1861, the date in which the death penalty for sodomy was abolished, and 1967, the year when sex between men was partially decriminalised. The exhibition is deeply personal, exploring the complexity, … Continue reading A Review of ‘Queer British Art’

Frida Kahlo: the proto-feminist and stoic sufferer

72 years on from her death, the world is still fascinated by the enigmatic figure that was Magadelena Carmen Frida Kahlo. Bold, beautiful and heavily browed, the Mexican painter mastered the ‘selfie’ and ‘free the nipple’ long before Miley Cyrus had pink hairy armpits. For all her bohemianism and eccentricity, today she is remembered as a … Continue reading Frida Kahlo: the proto-feminist and stoic sufferer

Rauschenberg Retrospective

A bubbling viscous liquid, a minute painting that was sent to the moon and a taxidermy goat ‘married’ to a tyre. Robert Rauschenberg’s exhibition at the Tate is characterised by a sense of rebellion as he smashes the boundaries between art forms. Following a career spanning the twentieth century, the rooms begin in chronological order, … Continue reading Rauschenberg Retrospective

Feminine Frills

Molly Goddard’s ethereal dresses have captured the attention of the fashion world. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2012, Alexa Chung and Adwoah Aboah are already wearing her frilly, quintessentially feminine dresses. This electric lime green dress (worn by Adwoah Aboah) is a juxtaposition of grunge and beauty, and evokes connotations of fairytales and … Continue reading Feminine Frills