DAZED DIGITAL: Watch TLC call out all the bullshit in ‘Haters’

This article was first published on Dazed Digital (June 2017), to view my full profile visit: http://www.dazeddigital.com/user/harrietkean

TLC are back again, this time to help you call out the losers, naysayers and anyone mugging you off with a sassy but chill video for their tune “Haters”.

T-Boz and Chilli both star in the visual for the synthy, R&B pop bop. It’s included on their forthcoming comeback album, along with the last single they released, the nostalgic “Way Back” with Snoop Dogg. The visual ends with a promotion for Lady Gaga‘s charity, the Born This Way Foundation.

The eponymous name for the fifth LP was decided after the girl group reached out to their fans. A$150,000 Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund the venture, but with the enormity of their fan base and basically the entire world’s lyrical prowess when it comes to “No Scrubs”, $430,255 was raised in total. 3D, their 2002 studio album, was the last piece of work from Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, who died later that year in a tragic car accident.

“Haters” promotes a message of self-confidence in the face of negativity, stating that “Haters gonna hate“ and that “all those opinion’s gonna make you fake”. “People gonna say what they say, But we don’t care about that anyway,” sing Chilli and T-Boz. Yes gals.


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