JERSEY EVENING POST: Is University Worth It?

WHEN it comes to discussing the worth of university, people often focus on issues of debt or question whether a degree really does pave the way for a successful career. However, surely it’s worth remembering the sole purpose of university: to explore in depth a subject you are deeply passionate about.

A university is fundamentally a place of learning – however, the nature of what a university is seems to have been forgotten. In contrast to the early 90s, when having a degree was a rarity, university has now become ‘a rite of passage’.

As such, courses are now oversubscribed, with many doing subjects purely for the sake of it and students desperately grabbing for any uni placement they can. A prospective undergraduate should therefore choose their subject wisely, and not settle for some medieval knitting degree at the University of Bognor Regis.

University prolongs the impending realities of responsibility, a career and a mortgage. As an undergraduate, you are given valuable time to grow and to carefully decide your future path. Rather than rushing straight from school into some misguided career in finance, a graduate is instead eased into adulthood, arriving into the working world learned and independent.

University primarily provides an opportunity for a graduate to develop a sophisticated understanding of their subject and explore the very foundations of our civilisation. Therefore, the rhetoric surrounding universities needs to change, as no, as an English Graduate, I do not want to be an English teacher. Is it no longer enough to go to university purely for love of the subject?



This article was published in the Jersey Evening Post, visit this link to see its PDF format; university-worth-it_-1


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